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March 01, 2022

Simple Ideas To Integrate Smart Lighting In Your Beaumont Home

From the upstairs bed and bathrooms to the basement and dining room, light bulbs throughout your interior are a must-have. However, are you seizing the utmost from your lights? Why not improve the way you utilize light by mixing smart lighting devices within your Beaumont home.

What Is Smart Lighting In Beaumont

Let's first establish - what is a smart light bulb? A smart bulb is a LED light bulb with WiFi connectivity, which provides a user comprehensive control over your property’s lights. All through the use of an app -- like a home security app.

Lower individual bulbs to any level without a dimmer switch, or glance at your smartphone to see if you accidentally forgot to turn them off. Set your lights to switch on at a predetermined time -- like first thing in the morning -- and power down on their own when it's time for bed. You can even position your lights to automatically change to the perfect mood, like at a fifth of their brightness during a movie. You can even connect your lights to Google Nest or Amazon's Alexa and control your bulbs with your voice.

Smart Lights Combines With A Home Security System For The Penultimate Combination

Ease-of-use is just one advantage of smart bulbs, though. Placing smart lighting are a fantastic method to elevate your home security. Well-lit residences are a [[hindrance|impediment|deterrent] to trespassers. Thieves aim to conceal their identity and withhold their location in the shadows.

A residence equipped with smart bulbs are able to be managed by a Beaumont smart home automation that’s a function of a a home security system. You can create light sequences that mimic typical movement inside the home, making it appear like people are moving from one spot to another. By having your lights flip on and off throughout the house, anyone who could be casing your house will think that the residents are in the building and moving around..

Spots To Install Smart Lighting

You don’t need to retrofit your whole home to use smart lighting. In your Beaumont home, the majority of smart light bulbs will be usable with your existing lamps and fixtures. Start by assessing what places you need to make “smart” first. You do not need to change out every single light bulb, as It's not an one-or-none game. If you are overloaded by the project of smart lighting, then start small and branch out from there.

For the inside rooms of your house, change out bulbs in areas with windows. To begin, consider the lamps and fixtures in the living room, bedroom, or hallway. The purpose is to illuminate a window enough for the light to be seen to anyone outside. Definitely concentrate on light on the front of your main entrance as many intrusions happen through the main entryway.

As for surrounding of your residence, make the jump to smart lighting around high-traffic entrances to the house. Consider lights mounted by all doors, either in the front, side, or back of your residence. Don't forget the lights on your garage as well. If someone sneaks into your home from the garage, you can turn on that garage light with a press of a button.

Install Your Beaumont Smart Lighting With Your Home Security System

Smart lights are easy to install and simple to use. With the guidance of a security specialist, you can discover ways to emply smart light bulbs in your new home security system. Speak to an expert at (409) 207-0852 or submit the form below.