Reasons to get a monitored alarm system in Beaumont
January 22, 2021

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Get A Monitored Alarm System In Beaumont

Getting home security components like smart locks, motion detectors, and security cameras can be a lifesaver for your peace of mind. Nevertheless, don’t overlook the benefits of constant alarm monitoring from a reputable company like ADT. If you ever need your monitored alarm system in Beaumont, you’ll get a live person asking about your emergency and contacting emergency services any time an alarm sensor trips.

To some DIY installers, monitoring could be seen as overkill since it comes with an extra fee. But there are five good reasons for why monitoring is essential to your Beaumont security system.

1.) A Monitored Alarm System in Beaumont Makes You Be Calm In An Emergency

If a sensor detects an emergency, a high-decibel siren alerts everyone in the house to find a secure place right away. Unfortunately, the loud sound can give you a jolt to the system -- especially when when it's the dead of night. It can be challenging to recall what you practiced or where to go. Add in kids and pets and the tension level can rise quickly.

Of course with security system monitoring, triggered alarms also contact your team of trained security experts. In no time, they will contact you to check that everyone is OK and then help assess the situation. Their cool presence and expertise can help you stay attentive on finding a safe location.

2.) Emergency Services Come Much Faster With A Monitored Alarm System

It only takes seconds for your monitoring agent to answer a triggered device. Once they get ahold of you to ensure you’re OK, they’ll then contact the police or fire department for you. This streamlined method is much quicker than phoning 911 yourself after you found your kids and pets and got outside. Seconds count during an emergency, and your ADT monitoring team gets you the right help fast!

ADT home monitoring in Beaumont 

3.) Monitoring Looks Out For Your Home Even When You’re Gone

A high-decibel siren helps alert you to possible intrusion or fire when you’re in the house, but the loudest siren won’t do much when you’re away. However, your monitoring service stays on guard at all times. They’ll answer any triggered alarms and can call the right emergency department. That’s nice when you’re out in town and can rush back after you receive an alert, but it’s definitely needed when you’re out of town and can’t easily drive back to see what’s going on.

4.) Monitoring Will Look For More Than Your Burglar Alarms

Monitoring is essential for your home security system in Beaumont, but 24/7 monitoring is just as essential for floods or fire. These disasters can happen at any time and can easily happen when you’re gone. Just think about the damage saved when your monitoring agent alerts you to a soppy garage from a busted water pipe while you are on vacation.

You can even have monitoring assistance for health emergencies, like chest pains or a sudden fall.

5.) A Monitored Alarms System In Beaumont May Decrease Your Home Insurance Premiums

Many home insurance policies consider a monitored alarm system as a risk reduction. That should lead to discounts and smaller monthly premiums. Call your insurance provider to make sure, but many times an alarm system with monitoring is seen as safer than a DIY door alarm or an out-of-the-box motion detector.

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